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■ Introduction

[1] Joint Project for system Development by Relevant industries

This is the state-of-the-art, next generation type of centralized utilities telemetering system that has been newly developed by Japan Utility Telemetering Association (JUTA) with the suppert of the Japanese government. JUTA is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) of that the members consist of the leading utilities supplyling companies,communication equipments manufacturers, communication business operators, meters manufacturers and etc in Japan. JUTA calls this system “U-Bus Air” or Multi Hopping Wireless Network” in this connection that the adoption of U-Bus Air is the greatest feature of this system.  This system can be applied to not only a telemetering system in utilities industries such as city gas, LP gas, water or electric power industry but also various kinds of smart meters. As the first phase, the standardization of specifications of system for the gas industry that is composed of about 200 of town gas companies and over 23.000 of LP Gas distributors has been completed. In terms of the various benefits due to the introduction of this system such as
(1) improvement of safety and convenience in gas handling
(2) contribution to streamline in gas business,
(3) effect on acceleration of construction of lower carbon society due to energy conservation
and so forth, JUTA, adding to its activities for the dissemination to the domestic gas companies, is ready to promote the technology transfer of this system to the overseas countries in the expectation that the specification of this system will be approved by IEEE802.15.4g in the U.S by the end of 2011 at the latest. For that purpose, JUTA has made the specification of this system public to the website so that anyone can access to or darnlord it if they contest to this Agreement attached hereto.

[2] Background and Target in System Development

In Japan, a variety of the projects for the creation of smart society that can contribute to the one of lower carbon society have been developed energetically in collaboration with the government, academic and industrial sectors. Almost all of the total demand for grid electric power is supplied monopoly by the nine big electric power companies. The business scale of each electric power company is large enough for each of them to carry out separately the commercialization of its own smart grid technology. On the contrary, since the business scale of the most part of gas companies other than some of large-scale town gas companies is too small to develop by itself a centralized gas telemetering system for its use, the development and standardization of such system has been strongly desired among them in store for the coming smart society age. Taking into account the special situation of Japan’s gas industry as well as the global targets of energy conservation and CO2 reduction, this system has been developed and standardized to meet the targets such as
(1) to help contribute the energy conservation and reduce CO2 emission
(2) to be lower equipment and running costs
(3) to be highly durable, easy to operate and maintenance free
(4) to conform to the U S’s IEEE802.15.4g standards

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