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Any natural or juridical person can be allowed to access to the site of the specifications only in case that any natural or juridical person consents to all the articles set forth in this Agreement.
It is regarded the consent to this Agreement as any aspects and matters arisen from any use of the specifications that are disclosed in this website (hereinafter referred to as SPECIFICATIONS) shall be bound to this Agreement with which any natural or juridical person who accesses to the site of the SPECIFICATIONS (hereinafter referred to as A) agrees in the relationship between A and Japan Utility Telemetering Association (hereinafter referred to as B).

Article 1 (Purpose of Agreement)
A can use any information contained in the SPECIFICATIONS of which the copyright is entirely and exclusively reserved by B. However, In any case that A conducts commercially any development, manufacturing or sales of the product based on the SPECIFICATIONS, A must pay a fixed license fee to be stipulated in the license agreement to be concluded between A and B in that case.

Article 2 (Revise of SPECIFICATIONS)
B can revise the SPECIFICATIONS without any notice to A in advance. In case that the SPECIFICATIONS are revised, B shall promptly replace the existing SPECIFICATIONS disclosed in the B’s website with the revised one.

Article 3 (Prohibition of Infringement of Intellectual Property Right)
A shall consent that all the intellectual property right is reserved by B and thus shall not reproduce, disclose, distribute, hand over, resale, rent, consent to the use, transcribe, reprint, alter, use partly, reuse the information or what are comprehended from this information, regardless of a part or all, and further conduct anything that might come under the previous items or the like of them.

Article 4 (Holding and Management of SPECIFICATIONS)
A shall fully hold and manage the SPECIFICATIONS downed lord by A with the greatest care.

Article 5 (Announcement of Developed Product or Its Offer to the Third Party)
A is allowed to announce the developed product (this Product) and offer it to the third party to the extent that it is developed with the payment of license fee based on Article 1. However, in case of offering this Product to the third party, A shall have such third party conform to the same requirements, the terms and conditions for B, set forth in all articles in this Agreement.

Article 6 (Compensation for Damage)
When A violates this Agreement, B has the right to request A the reasonable penalty for breach of this Agreement that B will determine in accordance with the relevant laws, while A has no right to make a complaint against it. In addition, B has the right to require A the compensation for the damages that B suffers from the violation of this Agreement or wrong and illegal acts of A.

Article 7 (Range of Responsibility)
B shall not be responsible for any claim of the damages arisen from the use of information of the SPECIFICATIONS and shall have no any obligation of the compensation of the damages.

Article 8 (Revision of this Agreement)
B can change, delete and add to the content of this Agreement at all times. When it is revised, B will inform A of its revision by the way that B considers as appropriate, such as website, letter or email. When A continues to use the SPECIFICATIONS after A receives a notice for the revision of the content of this Agreement, it shall be considered as A consents to the revision of this Agreement.

Article 9 (Jurisdiction)
When any necessity for litigation arises with regard to this Agreement, the district court that has jurisdiction over the address of B shall be a competent court of the first trial.

Article 10 (Consultation)
With respect to any doubts or disputes arising out of this Agreement and with respect to the matters not specified herein, they shall be decided friendly and in good faith by both A and B upon mutual consultation as often as is necessary.

agreement agreement.

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