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■ Configuration of System


Figure 1 is an illustration of this system.
This system is composed from the three elements, NCUs (Network Control Units) applicable to various types of access network, regardless of cable or wireless, smart meters to be able to meet any next generation type of communication interface (U-Bus) and multi-hopping wireless terminals (U-Bus Air).

As far as a gas meter is concerned, ultrasound wave type of gas meter is recommended in this system.
Its accuracy is exceptionally high compared with other types since there is no mechanical moving part in its gas meter and gas flow rate is determined from the radio wave time of ultrasound wave.
This is some sort of smart communication system that can provide a variety of services such as remote metering, alarm reception, remote control and etc by the connection of gas meter, water meter, electric power meter, NCU terminals and multi-hopping transceivers.

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